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Bell Gardens, California has a history much like the surrounding area of Los Angeles. Native Americans used the land for thousands of years until the Spanish Empire conquered the area in 1509. From there the area went through agricultural changes as settlers began cultivating the land. The area provided agricultural benefits for all those who occupied Los Angeles, the Spanish Empire, the Mexican Government, and the United States. In 1810, Antonio Lugo received the Rancho San Antonio land grant that included the area now known as Bell Gardens. The original Rancho San Antonio land grant includes what is now Bell, Bell Gardens, Maywood, Vernon, Huntington Park, Walnut Park, Cudahy, South Gate, Lynwood and City of Commerce.

Real Estate in Bell Gardens, California comes with the advantage of being close to Downtown Los Angeles. Bell Gardens is also one of only five cities in Los Angeles county to permit casino gambling. The population is 42,072 as of the 2010 census and the overall land mass that Bell Gardens resides on is 2.5 mi². Bell Gardens is bordered by the City of Commerce to the north, Bell and Cudahy to the west, Downey to the south, and Pico Rivera and Downey to the east. Bell Gardens also has quick access to the 710, 5, and 105 freeways.

Commercial Real Estate in Bell Gardens, California is conveniently located near Downtown Los Angeles, the 710 freeway, and the 5 freeway for quick logistics to and from the largest business hub in Los Angeles. The Long Beach docks are not a far drive from Bell Gardens down the 710 and the ability to get to the Valley from Bell Gardens is advantageous for any business looking to cover North and South Los Angeles.

Having a Realtor in Bell Gardens, California that knows the lay of the land is pivotal to finding the right property for a client’s needs. If the realtor is unfamiliar with the lay of the land, how are they going to propose any options suitable for your needs? The answer is that they won’t be able to provide necessary options for your needs. This is why it is important to use a realtor who is familiar with the area, has experience buying and selling property in the area, and is willing to work with their client to find the property that best fits their needs. The realtors at nordine.com provide all of this support and more. Choose nordine.com for your real estate needs in Bell Gardens, California.

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