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Bell, California was once the site of Native American migration before the Spaniards came in the mid-16th century and claimed the land. Francisco Lugo’s son, Don Antonio Maria Lugo settled the 30,000 acres known as Bell, California and was officially bequeathed the land in 1810 for his military service by the King of Spain. Don Antonio Lugo served as mayor of Los Angeles from 1816-1819 and lived in an adobe house on what was Gage Avenue. The Lugo family retained much of its fortune until 1865 and then much of the fortune disappeared. The 30,000 acres had to be sold for less than a dollar per acre and the only thing the Lugo family retained was the adobe house. This adobe home still stands today and can be visited.

Real Estate in Bell, California has a long and rich history within Los Angeles. The current population is 35,477 as of the 2010 census. Bell is bordered by Huntington Park to the north, by Huntington Park and South Gate to the west, by South Gate and Downey to the south, and by Downey, Pico Rivera, and Montebello to the east. The 710 freeway goes through the eastern part of Bell, California, and its close proximity to downtown Los Angeles gives added benefits to all types of commercial real estate.

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