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New Real Estate Developments in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of constant growth. From its ever changing skyline to its bustling streets, the city is alive with the stories of its people. As the city grows, so do its developments. There's no better testament to growth than the sight of concrete walls being put up, glass doors being opened, and steel trusses reaching into the air. Growth is not just contained in the downtown metropolis. In the suburbs, more and more homes are being constructed as well. Los Angeles is always on the rise. Here are just some of the new real estate developments you'll…Read more

The rent surge: how millennials, minorities, and seniors are affecting the rental market

A rent surge is coming. This is the prediction of the Urban Institute and all signs point to its inevitable arrival. In fact, many would say it’s already here. Homeownership rates have fallen to levels that haven’t been seen since 1990. Since 2000, homeownership rates have dipped to 66.2 percent, and are predicted to continue dropping for the next 30 years. The Urban Institute has projected that by 2030, homeownership rates will drop to 61.3 percent. And this rental surge is something that the US housing market has yet to fully meet head on. Growth in the rental market As…Read more

How to sell luxury homes

How does one sell a multimillion-dollar property? In an industry that has gone through the most challenging of ups and downs, one niche of the real estate industry has remained relatively invulnerable. And that is the luxury real estate market. The sale of a luxury home may seem daunting, but the truth is, selling distinctive properties is based on the same principle used to sell the most basic of everyday items. The gist of it is, if there’s a want for it, it can be sold. The trick is knowing how to successfully bank on this principle. Look for a…Read more

The most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been the playground of the rich and the glamorous. In a city known for its thriving economy and the constant encouragement for living only the best of lifestyles, it’s no surprise that the L.A. metro area contains some of the most expensive places to live on the West Coast – and the country. From exclusive beachfront properties with gorgeous sunset views to suburban mansions to beautifully stately wonders up in the hills, Los Angeles has them all. And these architectural gems can be found in only the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Malibu A popular…Read more

Selling your property checklist: how to prep your homefor sale

Ensuring that you get a respectable profit in the sale of your property requires a lot of preparation. Your property must be able to stand up to the scrutiny of prospective buyers and appear to be worth its asking price. To help you get started, here’s a simple checklist. Ask yourself the following questions: Did I get a home inspection done? This is the first priority on your checklist. With a home inspection you will know firsthand what needs to be repaired or replaced to make your property all the more desirable. No matter the age of your property, it…Read more

Rentable vs useable square feet

If you are in the market for commercial space, you may have run into this terms: rentable and useable square feet. Though they may seem synonymous, they actually vary greatly from each other. And knowing just how rentable feet differs from useable square feet can save you from investing in a property that may not suit your needs in the long run, no matter how affordable it is. The Difference Simply put, “rentable feet”refers to the amount of space you can rent out in a shared floor space. “Useable feet” is the amount of space you can actually use within…Read more

More multifamily housing needed in Los Angeles

Not only is Los Angeles one of the largest urban centers in the country, it is also one of the densest cities. As of 2014, its suburbs are twice as dense as those of New York City. This is not surprising, considering Los Angeles’ stature in the public imagination as one of the most exciting places to live in the country. As such, housing an ever-growing population has become an important issue that urgently needs actionable solutions. Most recently, at a breakfast program held by the Urban Land Institute, industry experts Wendell Cox of Demographia and Dowell Meyers of the…Read more

To renovate, restore, or remodel

No, they don’t mean the same thing. But it’s easy to understand the confusion. All three activities involve construction work of some kind, but the processes and end results differ considerably from each other. Knowing how a renovation differs from a restoration and how a remodeling job is not at all synonymous with the other two can save you the time and effort in explaining what you really want to achieve. Simply put, the main differences lie in the amount of work, change, and the cost that both will entail. For starters, a renovation is simply improving an existing property…Read more

Practical home staging tips for selling your condo

In selling a product, packaging is everything. The old adage “First impressions last” holds a lot of water – especially when it comes to selling real estate. If the property you’re putting on the market is a delight to the eyes, the odds that it will sell fast are in your favor. The good thing is you don’t need to do a major overhaul to achieve this. With just a few changes, you can make your condo an attractive purchase to even the choosiest buyer. All it will take is a time investment and small purchases that will hardly cost…Read more

6 things your LA property needs to have before you can sell it

If you intend to sell your property in Los Angeles – whether it’s a commercial space or residential real estate – you will want to make sure that it meets the requirements of the city’s Department of Building and Safety. In Los Angeles, your property is required to have the following features before you can even put it up for sale: Smoke detectors This is an essential piece of equipment in any property. In a house, each bedroom must have one smoke detector and there must also be a smoke detector mounted in the area that leads to these rooms.…Read more