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Compton, California was the home of California’s first African-American mayor, Douglas Dollarhide, who was subsequently defeated for re-election by Doris A. Davis, the first African-American female mayor of a metropolitan city in the United States. Compton, California used to be a flourishing community for African-American middle class residents, however, a downfall in tax income resulted in an erosion of the city. Many of the surrounding areas suffered similar downfalls in tax income which is colloquially referred to as “white-flight”. The city reflects its past affluence in its wide streets and property placement. This erosion gave rise to powerful gangs taking root in Compton, California. Due to these factors, Compton has been referred to as gang affiliated, and is referred to in rap songs, movies, and television for the city’s violence and crime. Compton, California has a colorful past and has produced world renowned rappers and producers including – Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, YG, and others. Current social and community projects have lowered the crime rate and gang activities are lowering as well. The struggle to bring Compton, California back to its former glory is still ongoing.

Real Estate in Compton, California is known worldwide for its depiction in motion pictures and modern music. Compton’s population is 97,877 as of the 2013 census and the overall area which Compton sits is 10.1 mi.² in size. Compton is bordered by Lynwood and Willowbrook to the north, West Rancho Dominguez and Gardena to the west, Carson to the south, and Paramount to the east. Compton is surrounded by the 110, 105, 710, and 91 freeways, giving residents and businesses in the area quick and easy access to the main arteries of Los Angeles, California.

Commercial Real Estate in Compton, California has taken on a new life in recent years. There are fantastic new business operations being brought to the city of Compton to revitalize the area now that the crime rate is down and gang activities are at an all time low. Experimental, healthy fast food restaurants have taken root in Compton, advanced research and development is taking place at Cal State Dominguez, and the community as a whole is starting to adjust to modern societal demands. Now is the time to invest in the commercial future of Compton, California.

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