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Downtown Los Angeles, California is the heart and center of Los Angeles County. It is the central business district, hub for sporting events, and heart of the Los Angeles nightlife. Downtown Los Angeles hosts a diverse neighborhood of over 50,000 people in an area 5.84 mi.² in size. Downtown Los Angeles is home to the fashion district, skid row, and the city’s Metro rapid transit system. The area has gone through a commercial renaissance over the last century and business is thriving once again in the area. Government buildings, parks, theaters, and public areas are maintained and upkept making Downtown Los Angeles a place to visit once again.

Real Estate in Downtown Los Angeles, California is prime, Grade A Los Angeles Real Estate. Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of L.A., home to over 500,000 jobs and counting. The local area is home to 53,788 people according to the 2013 census. Downtown Los Angeles is surrounded by freeways. To the north is the 101 and 110 freeways, to the west is the 110 and 10 freeways, to the south is the 10 and 5 freeways, and to the east is the 101 and 5 freeways. Downtown Los Angeles is surrounded by Los Angeles County and is close to the University of Southern California, Dodger Stadium, and the Staples Center.

Commercial Real Estate in Downtown Los Angeles, California is some of the most sought after commercial real estate in the world. The GDP of Downtown Los Angeles outranks many countries in the world. Commercially, Downtown Los Angeles is doing something right. Downtown L.A. is an active node for the technological sector in the United States. There are over 78 tech-oriented commercial firms within Downtown Los Angeles and more are flocking to the area. International powers have even invested in the commercial market of Downtown Los Angeles. BYD Company, a Chinese technology firm, has a headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles.

Realtors in Downtown Los Angeles, California have a problem of not treating their clients with the respect they deserve. These types of realtors only see clients as dollar signs and not human beings. The realtors at nordine.com understand the advantages of owning real estate in Downtown Los Angeles, and they will work with you to find the property that fits your needs without treating you like a simple dollar sign. Our professional real estate agents treat our clients like human beings. We don’t lock our listings in with 6 month contracts. We understand a client may need to cancel a listing and that is why our listings are only 30 days long, and a client may cancel at anytime for any reason. Don’t get stuck in a lengthy listing contract with a lazy realtor, use the realtors at nordine.com for the best possible real estate experience.

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