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East Los Angeles, California(East L.A.) is a majority latino neighborhood east of Downtown Los Angeles. East L.A. is unincorporated and has been mentioned in major motion pictures and television shows. Latino movie and television stars will often refer to East Los Angeles in their material. Some of these entertainers include George Lopez, Cheech and Chong, and Edward James Olmos. In 1997, The Latino Walk of fame was created in East L.A. and now has over 280 plaques commemorating the contributions of Latino entertainers and performers to the movies and arts. The residents of East L.A. benefit from the merchants’ association of East Los Angeles sponsoring of a daily clean up campaign. This daily clean up is a Comprehensive Clean-Up Campaign that helps the city by cleaning up gutters, trash, and other road litter.

Real Estate in East Los Angeles, California is found just east of Downtown Los Angeles. East Los Angeles straddles the 10, 60, and 5 freeways while the 710 cuts through the center. East Los Angeles is unincorporated and as of the 2010 census has a population of 126,496. The population in East Los Angeles is the least diverse according to the Los Angeles County “Mapping L.A.” survey and residential properties house the majority of its residents.

Commercial Real Estate in East Los Angeles, California has the advantage of being close to downtown, close to Pasadena, and close to the major freeway hub of Los Angeles. Commute times are lowered, freight is quicker to receive, and shipping routes become much easier when located in East L.A. Understanding the dynamic geography position of East L.A. is necessary to fully excel in any commercial field. Being near the freeways and near the L.A. river gives many industries an advantage they would not have in other cities around Los Angeles.

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