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El Segundo, California was once known as Rancho Sausal Redondo which was settled by the Tongva and Chumash Native Americans. El Segundo was later bought by Daniel Freeman from Sir Robert Burnett. Freeman sold portions of Rancho Sausal Redondo to George H. Peck who developed this portion of real estate into the second Standard Oil refinery on the West Coast. This earned the city its name, El Segundo.

El Segundo, California is where you will find the Chevron Refinery that skirts the west Coastal area of the United States. The refinery sits on the land where the Standard Oil Refinery once stood and the Chevron Refinery is synonymous with El Segundo as citizens of Los Angeles travel to and from El Segundo. Other notable landmarks in El Segundo are the Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Offices located right off El Segundo Blvd. As of the 2010 census, El Segundo, California has a population of 16,033. LAX is directly north, the Pacific Ocean borders the west, Manhattan Beach is to the south, and Hawthorne borders the east of El Segundo.

Downtown El Segundo is home to fantastic residential properties that come shielded from the airplanes that fly overhead. Once accustomed to the daily commute, El Segundo can be one of the finer places to live in Los Angeles, California. The business complex on Pacific Coast Highway and El Segundo Blvd. has developed into a center of business for all of Los Angeles.

Real Estate in El Segundo comes with the advantage of being close to Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) and 105 Freeway. Not being in a cluster around the 405 or 110 has its advantages of being a quicker commute through the city. El Segundo Blvd. is the nerve center of El Segundo, California.

Commercial Real Estate in El Segundo has the advantage of being minutes away from the airport. Having an international business center is easily obtained in El Segundo, as many companies already have a global office located here.

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