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The most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been the playground of the rich and the glamorous. In a city known for its thriving economy and the constant encouragement for living only the best of lifestyles, it’s no surprise that the L.A. metro area contains some of the most expensive places to live on the West Coast – and the country.

From exclusive beachfront properties with gorgeous sunset views to suburban mansions to beautifully stately wonders up in the hills, Los Angeles has them all. And these architectural gems can be found in only the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


A popular tourist destination renowned for its surfing and laid-back beach lifestyle, Malibu is one of the priciest places to live in Greater Los Angeles. And because of this, only a fair few can call Malibu home where real estate prices can spiral up to $50 million. Still, with the Pacific coastline greeting you every morning, many consider a house here well worth the price tag. Some of Malibu’s priciest neighborhoods are Broad Beach, Carbon Beach and Malibu Colony.


When it comes to killer views of the Los Angeles at night, no other neighborhood comes close to Bel-Air. Boasting a serene and secluded atmosphere, it is a much welcome oasis from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles’ busy scene. No wonder Bel-Air is the preferred address of the rich and famous who value their privacy and quiet. With property price tags reaching the high eight figures, Bel-Air will certainly retain its air of exclusivity for a long time.

Pacific Palisades

For sheer variety of views alone, with a landscape stretching from the beach to the mountains, the Pacific Palisades neighborhood reigns supreme. Among the many neighborhoods that cater to the well-moneyed and well-connected, Pacific Palisades sets itself apart with wide tracts of lands that suit a wide range of eclectic tastes. Property prices here can go over $20 million.

Beverly Hills

Possibly the most famous of all the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, thanks to TV shows such as 90210, Beverly Hills is enshrined in the public consciousness as the home of the rich and famous. A home here can hover around the $10 million mark and spiral all the way up to $100 million and even more.