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Hawthorne, California is home to the Northrop Corporation, Hawthorne Airport, and Hawthorne High School. During World War 2, Hawthorne, California became a major manufacturer of aircraft and established Northrop Corporation as a tried and true aviation manufacturer. Hawthorne’s rich history as one of Los Angeles greatest cities is well established in popular culture. Movies will often cite Hawthorne Boulevard as being central to Los Angeles life.

Real Estate in Hawthorne, California is similar to local cities in Los Angeles. The city has a growing population of around 86,200 and is home to some prime Los Angeles Real Estate. Homeowners enjoy being close to all that Los Angeles has to offer, and the quick access to the 405, 110, and 105 Freeways. El Camino College is a close to Hawthorne, California and Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) is within 5 minutes of North Hawthorne. Hawthorne is bordered on the west by El Segundo and Manhattan Beach, on the East by Gardena, on the North by Inglewood, and Lawndale to the south.

Commercial Real Estate in Hawthorne, California has come a long way since the days of World War 2. Finding every modern convenience of a Commercial Property is easy in Hawthorne, California. Having a knowledgeable realtor to find the right property for your needs is important. Make sure you go with a real estate agency like Nordine.com when searching for commercial real estate in Hawthorne.

Buying Real Estate in Hawthorne, California relies on steadfast realtors like Lee Nordine because of how quickly development takes place in Hawthorne. When it comes to buying properties in Hawthorne, the Realtors at Nordine.com have every aspect of purchase covered. Our professionals have over 30 years of experience and will find the property right for your needs.

Selling Real Estate in Hawthorne, California is an advantageous endeavor if you use the right realtor. Some Real Estate Agents can talk to talk, but when it comes time to close the deal, they leave you high and dry. It is best to stay away from these types and use a trustworthy, knowledgeable Realtor like the Real Estate Agents at Nordine.com. The Realtors at Nordine.com have handled over 5400 Properties, and we are sure we can handle your real estate property sale.

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