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Huntington Park, California is named after industrialist Henry E. Huntington. The area was incorporated in 1906 and has been used as a commute path for industries in the southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Workers would travel through Huntington Park on streetcars to get to work in other parts of L.A. Nowadays, workers still continue this commute, however, instead of streetcars, residents use privately owned cars and the Metro. Huntington Park, like other cities in the area, went through severe issues during segregation. Much of the neighborhood was white, and kept it separate from black areas up until the 1950s. The area has changed since then and is now a majority Latino population with the highest percentage of overweight children in all of California.

Real Estate in Huntington Park, California comes with the advantage of being in a Gateway city of southeastern Los Angeles. This means that Huntington Park is central to Los Angeles and being a resident places your property within short distance from Downtown Los Angeles. Huntington Park has a population of 58,879 as of the 2010 census. The city has a small footprint of only 3 mi.² Huntington Park is bordered by Vernon and South Los Angeles to the north, Florence-Graham and South Los Angeles to the west, Florence-Graham and South Gate to the south, and Maywood, Bell, and Cudahy to the east. The nearest freeways are the 710, 105, 10, and 110 which are all within the same distance from central Huntington Park.

When searching for Commercial Real Estate Los Angeles, California, don’t overlook Huntington Park, California. Huntington Park has all the major business advantages other cities of Los Angeles have, but in a smaller area. There are many commercial opportunities available if you know the right real estate firm to perform your initial property search.

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