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has long existed as a diverse community within the South Bay. Lomita was part of Rancho San Pedro, a large mass of land granted by the Spanish Empire to Juan Jose Dominguez in 1784. Railroad history is rich in Lomita, and there is a small museum devoted to the steam engine period of Railroading. The museum is open Thursday through Sunday, and is located in the heart of Lomita, California. For railroad aficionados worldwide, Lomita, California has some pieces of history worth seeing, such as- a 1902 Baldwin Locomotive, a Southern Pacific tender, a 1910 Union Pacific Caboose, and a Santa Fe Caboose.

Real Estate in Lomita, California comes with the luxury of being located in Los Angeles, California, which means that is close to all the major hotspots of the West Coast. Downtown Los Angeles is within 20 minutes drive, as is Orange County when the traffic is cooperating. Lomita has a population of 20,596 according to the 2013 census. Lomita is bordered by Torrance to the north, Harbor City to the east, Rolling Hills Estates to the west, and Rolling Hills Estates and San Pedro to the south.

Commercial Real Estate in Lomita, California is precious to the local community. People from Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Wilmington, and other surrounding areas commute, work, and visit Lomita, California daily.

If you looking to buy Real Estate in Lomita, California contact the Real Estate Agents at Nordine.com for assistance. Our trained, certified professionals will be able to help find the right Residential Real Estate for your needs in Lomita.

Selling Real Estate in Lomita, California should not involve lengthy listing periods of 6 months or more. At the Real Estate Offices of Leo Nordine, we believe sellers have the right to a 30 day listing period with the right to cancel anytime, for any reason whatsoever. This means that the Realtors at Nordine.com will not pressure you into signing your listing privledges away for any length of time.

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