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Lynwood, California is named after Mrs. Lynn Wood Sessions, wife of a local dairyman, Charles Sessions. Much like the rest of Los Angeles, Lynwood was once a migration area for Native American tribes before the area was taken over by Spanish Settlers in the late 1500’s. Lynwood is not a very large county within Los Angeles, only measuring 4.84 mi². Even though small, Lynwood is a thriving, diverse community that has gone through many changes since the 20th century. What was once a colonial settlement, is now a majority Latino community. Some famous people who were born in Lynwood, California include; “Weird Al” Yankovic, Suge Knight, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams.

Real Estate in Lynwood, California is centrally located within Los Angeles County. Lynwood has a city population of 69,772 according to the 2010 census. Lynwood’s total footprint is 4.84 mi.² and the area borders the Los Angeles River to the east. Lynwood is bordered by South Gate to the north, Willowbrook and Compton to the west, Compton and Paramount to the south, and Downey and Paramount to the east. The 105 freeway runs directly through the heart of Lynwood, and the eastern border of Lynwood is the 710 freeway.

If you are looking for Commercial Real Estate in Lynwood, California, make sure to use a real estate office well versed in the lay of the land. Lynwood, California offers many unique commercial opportunities, and Lynwood is no exception. Much like its neighboring city Paramount, Lynwood’s geographic location within Los Angeles aides in commercial activities when compared to other areas. Being so close to Long Beach and San Pedro opens the door for import/export businesses and allows for nationwide logistical planning with the ability to have eyes on cargo.

Choosing the right Realtor for purchasing or selling real estate in Lynwood, California can make all the difference in the world. A professional realtor from nordine.com will go the extra mile to research all available listed and unlisted properties in Lynwood, California. With over 30 years of real estate experience in the South Bay of Los Angeles, the associates at nordine.com have the ability to meet and exceed your expectations of a realtor.

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