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Manhattan Beach was part of Rancho Sausal Redondo until it was leased to Daniel Freeman as sand dunes. In the 1920s and 30s the sand dunes were leveled and excess sand was shipped to Waikiki, Hawaii to convert a reef and rocky beach into a sandy beach. The same sand from Manhattan Beach was used around Los Angeles, including the Pacific Coast Highway and Los Angeles Coliseum.

Real Estate in Manhattan Beach, California is prime Los Angeles, California residential Real Estate. Downtown Manhattan Beach, California is an exciting coastal city with a fantastic night life for bachelors, and a fantastic school district for families. Manhattan Beach has a population of 35,726 as of the 2013 census. Manhattan Beach, California is bordered on the north by El Segundo, on the south on Hermosa Beach and Torrance, on the east by Lawndale, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

Commercial Real Estate in Manhattan Beach, California includes office buildings, medical buildings, and many other properties ready for development. There are profitable car dealerships and downtown Manhattan Beach is a hub for celebrity activity. The commercial opportunities in Manhattan Beach are constantly appearing and it takes a keen Realtor like the Real Estate Agents at Nordine.com to understand the breadth of potential within Manhattan Beach.

When it comes to buying Real Estate in Manhattan Beach, California, it is a necessity to use a Realtor who understands the area, considers your needs and desires, and will work within your timeline to find a property for you. The realtors at Nordine.com understand these requirements and work hard to acheive satisfaction for our clients.

The Realtors at Nordine.com can help with selling Real Estate in Manhattan Beach, California. We have closed over 5400 properties in the South Bay and have the experience to handle the listing of any property in Manhattan Beach, California.

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