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King Carlos III granted the area known as Paramount, California in 1784. The area was previously split into two ranchos, Rancho San Pedro and Rancho Los Nietos. When King Carlos III granted the area, Rancho Los Nietos was partitioned into five ranchos. Two of these partitioned ranchos encompass Paramount, Rancho Los Cerritos and Rancho Los Alamitos. Paramount does not take up a large land mass within Los Angeles, however, it is within the sphere of gateway cities and is centrally located within the Los Angeles basin.

Real Estate in Paramount, California is valuable because it is a Gateway City in the southeastern part of Los Angeles, California. The population of Paramount is 54,098 as of the 2010 census and Paramount is bordered to the north by Downey and South Gate, to the west by Compton, to the south by Lakewood, and to the east by Bellflower. Paramount is surrounded by freeways. The 105 borders north Paramount, the 710 borders west Paramount, the 91 borders south Paramount, and the 605 runs parallel to east Paramount. This geographical position gives residents and businesses a lot of logistical mobility within Los Angeles. If one freeway is backed up, another freeway can be chosen.

Commercial Real Estate in Paramount, California comes with all the advantages that commercial property in Los Angeles has to offer. Having commercial real estate in Paramount, California is a great opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic business climate Los Angeles, California offers. Paramount has been home to many interesting businesses over the years, including the Zamboni Company. They are the creators and manufacturers of the Zamboni used to clean ice at hockey games and ice rinks around the world.

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