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Practical home staging tips for selling your condo

In selling a product, packaging is everything. The old adage “First impressions last” holds a lot of water – especially when it comes to selling real estate. If the property you’re putting on the market is a delight to the eyes, the odds that it will sell fast are in your favor.

The good thing is you don’t need to do a major overhaul to achieve this. With just a few changes, you can make your condo an attractive purchase to even the choosiest buyer. All it will take is a time investment and small purchases that will hardly cost you anything.

  • Hide your personal clutter
  • The goal to achieve here is simple: create a sense of possibility. Pack away your knickknacks and photos. You need to let your buyer visualize the space as their own. Play up on this by highlighting where they can put their photos and knickknacks.

  • Maximize the light
  • All things bright and shiny are attractive, and this applies to your condo. Simply switching on every available light source there is, is not the way to go, however. Ditch the overhead lighting and instead turn to ambient lighting. Floor and table lamps create a delightfully homey atmosphere that is guaranteed to wow a buyer.

  • Go neutral
  • If you have the time and a little cash to spare, consider repainting the rooms. Go for neutral tones like a crisp beige or white. Neutral-toned walls give an impression that your condo is new and has never been lived in. And that is a look that you certainly want to achieve.

  • Create some space
  • Space is a common problem when showing a condo. Fortunately, the solution to this is simple: rearrange. If you are selling your condo fully furnished, it is a great idea to create a natural flow of space. You can even create an illusion of space by using cleverly positioned mirrors.
    Cover it in white

    Consider using white covers for your furnishings like the sofa and the bed. By using white, you are making the space feel lighter and creating an atmosphere that is serene and inviting. Just don’t go overboard by breaking the white with accent pieces. A good idea would be a green vase filled with white flowers, or a striking red coffee table item to break the monotony.