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South Los Angeles, California, also known as South Central or South Central L.A., has been negatively pictured in motion pictures and television. Fortunately, community-based peace programs, gang intervention work, and youth development organizations have lowered the crime and murder rates not seen since the 1950s. The gang activity in South Central was a plague on commercial real estate in the area during the 80s and 90s, but thanks to the aforementioned programs, businesses are starting to thrive once again in South Central Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles renamed the area South Los Angeles in 2003 in an attempt to remove the negative connotations associated with “South Central.” This campaign has resulted in some success, but the prevailing issues(crime and gang activity) still remain in South Los Angeles.

Real Estate in South Los Angeles, California is located directly south of Downtown Los Angeles. South Los Angeles is one of the larger parts of Los Angeles by square footage, covering an area 51.08 mi.² in size. Popular media refers to South Los Angeles as “South Central Los Angeles” or “South Central”. The diversity across South Los Angeles is large because it contains 25 different neighborhoods. South L.A. is bordered to the north by Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, to the west by Ladera Heights and Inglewood, to the south by Hawthorne, Gardena, and Compton, and to the East by Huntington Park, South Gate, and Los Angeles. The 110 Harbor Freeway goes directly through the center of South Los Angeles. The 10 freeway borders the north of South L.A. and the 105 freeway borders the south of South L.A. Students attending USC are familiar with South Los Angeles because the campus is located in the northern part of South L.A.

Commercial Real Estate in South Los Angeles, California is on the upswing because of all the community projects and works being completed in the city. The city itself has turned a corner in regards to its crime rate and gang activities thanks to these programs. This has lead to more commercial opportunities for those interested in owning commercial property in South Los Angeles. Do not write off South Los Angeles because you heard it was a dangerous place in a rap song, it is actually a great place to operate a business within Los Angeles.

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