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Top 30 Home Selling Tips

Do you need help selling your home? Check out our list of tried and tested methods that will help you sell your property in no time.

Style your home

Make buyers believe yours is their dream home. Clean it, spruce it up, hide your mementos. Sometimes those are all it takes to sell your home faster and for a bigger price.

1639249031. Revamp the yard. Make prospective buyers think that the grass is indeed greener… on your side. Invest a little on landscaping. Pick a flowering bush or two. Plants amp up a home’s attractiveness.

2. Paint those walls. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home makes it look fresh and new.

3. Replace doors and windows. You can make sure these fixtures are in working order, or you can replace them entirely. Consider the upgrade before you sell your home.

4. Brighten up hallways with neutrals. You may still have a thing for avocado green, but it’s time to retire that color on your hallways. Replace it with neutrals like creamy beige, pale gray, taupe. A neutral palette is most attractive and easier to dress up.

5. De-clutter. Don’t bless the mess, banish it. Getting rid of clutter preps the home for staging, a process which can help you sell your home faster.

6. Replace cracked tiles and fixtures in the bathroom. You want your bathroom to look well maintained and, yes, inviting as some people view the bath as a retreat. Replace cracked tiles, basins, tubs, and toilets if you can. This will leave a lasting impression on homebuyers.

7. Up the “oohs” in your kitchen. If making over your kitchen is beyond your budget, make it look like you did: add a backsplash, apply a fresh coat of paint, update drawer handles, modernize your lighting, install DIY flooring, and so on.

8. Re-sand and polish damaged wood floors. Replacing wood floors is expensive so consider re-sanding and polishing your existing hardwood floors to bring out their natural beauty.

9. Add symmetry to your doorway. Welcome potential homebuyers with a nicely decorated entryway. Consider adding decorative potted plants on either side of the door, or a pair of wall sconces.

10. Light up your home. Install efficient light fixtures and make the type of lighting uniform throughout the home or within a room.

Go big on your upgrades

If minor makeovers can do wonders, imagine what a revamp can achieve. You’ll spend more, sure, but you’ll also stand head and shoulders above the competition and improve your chances of selling your home faster and at a better price.

service enter key11. Remodel your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can increase your profits to up to 85 %, according to HGTV.com. Consider investing in new countertops and stainless steel appliances to transform your homey kitchen into a chef’s dream.

12. Upgrade your bathroom. A dated bathroom can turn off some buyers, so do consider modifying this vital part of the home. Stick to classic features that appeal to all taste levels.

13. Add a swimming pool. Not only will a pool attract buyers, it can increase the value of your home by 8%, according to a 2003 study by the National Association of Realtors.

14. Jazz up your basement. Nobody likes a dark, dank basement, least of all homebuyers. You can fix it by adding drywall, lights, and furnishing. Better yet, transform your basement into a specialty room—game room, family den, man cave—to catch the attention of potential homebuyers.

15. Keep cool with central air conditioning. It costs some money, but installing air-conditioning can boost your home’s overall value by an impressive 10 to 20%. That’s according to professional appraiser Leslie Sellers. Check out the energy-efficient options available in the market.

16. Add fiber-cement siding. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2007 Cost vs. Value Report, adding fiber-cement siding can result in a return of 88% of your initial investment. Aside from that, fiber-cement siding, which is made up of sand, cement, and cellulose, is stronger than vinyl and aluminum, easier to maintain, and is resistant to termites and fire.

17. Improve the indoor air quality of your home. Rip up old carpets that may be hiding contaminants. You can opt for easy-to-clean and environment-friendly products like laminate floors.

18. Don’t neglect the parts you don’t often see. This includes your roof, which should be in good shape, and the property’s electrical system, which should be in working order.

19. Don’t put off even the smallest repairs. Handling small repairs promptly saves you money in the long run, as minor problems can easily turn big and costly.

20. Invest in energy-efficient insulation. Potential buyers know this home feature cuts heating and cooling costs by 20%. Plus, it’s great for the environment, saving 600 times more energy than compact fluorescent lamps and other energy-efficient products.

Market your home well

You’ve done the upgrades. Now, it’s time to generate market interest on your home.

Property value21. Utilize the wonders of internet marketing. Because the internet is now part of our life, harness its power to market your home.

22. Advertise your property on social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are platforms where you can reach a wide audience. Encourage your friends to share your post—better than sharing annoying articles, right?

23. Take high-definition photos. You can’t sell your property with grainy photographs. Take your photos in high definition and mind the lighting, angle, and how each room is laid out. If you can’t quite get the look you’re after, hire a professional photographer.

24. Print isn’t dead. Ask your Realtor to have your listing advertised in the local paper, or in the real estate section of larger dailies. You can print and distribute flyers and pamphlets—don’t forget to include your agent’s full contact details.

25. Market your home through the MLS. The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is not only a real estate directory—it’s every home seller and listing agent’s best friend. Use it to announce your listing and generate interest among other real estate agents based in the area.

26. Open your home to potential buyers. Schedule several open houses. Stay away from the property and let your Realtor do all the talking.

27. Make sure your price is right. Consult a professional appraiser to get a good idea of your home’s total worth. The goal is to have people find the price of your home commensurate to the good looks and location of your property.

28. Request a comprehensive marketing analysis or CMA from your Realtor. A CMA can help you determine the right asking price for your home and lets you scope out your competition in the neighborhood.

29. Make sure your home is move-in ready. Check your property’s plumbing and electrical fixtures and find out if they meet the current building codes in your neighborhood. Safety is as important as how appealing your home looks to buyers.

30. Don’t forget to enjoy the process. Home selling might be stressful at times, but that’s no reason to let it consume you. You can make it a fun and positive experience. After all, you’ll be looking forward to a new life… and fulfilling someone else’s real estate goals. In anyone’s book, those are wins all around!

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