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Torrance, California has a historic past within Los Angeles. In the 1900s, Jared Sidney Torrance created a mixed industrial-residential community in what is now known as Old Town Torrance. This area was part of an old spanish land grant and is bounded by Crenshaw Boulevard on the west, Western Avenue on the east, Del Amo Boulevard on the north, and Plaza Del Amo and Carson Street south.

Many of the Old Town Torrance buildings were built by famed architect Irving Gill. Irving’s combining of Mission Revival and early Modernist architecture can be seen throughout Old Town Torrance. Rapid new growth during World War II led to commercial development for aerospace and wartime industries. Upon closing, Torrance became a normal city within Los Angeles. As of 2013, the estimated population of Torrance is 147,478 and Torrance continues to grow rapidly. Torrance is bordered on the west by Redondo Beach, the east by Carson, the south by Rolling Hills Estates, and the north by Gardena and Hermosa Beach.

Real Estate in Torrance, California is spread out over a large swath of real estate. North Torrance sits on the 405 freeway and is near the South Bay Galleria. West Torrance is close to the beach and Pacific Coast Highway. South Torrance touches the Beach at Torrance Beach and kisses the bottom of Palos Verdes Peninsula. East Torrance borders the 110 freeway and is home to SCROC and SCROC park.

Commercial Real Estate in Torrance, California is plentiful and commercial developments are constantly becoming available. There are locations throughout Torrance that are fantastic commercial properties. Knowing the area, having experience with the people, and caring about the surrounding communities are the qualities to seek in a commercial real estate agent when looking for commercial property in Torrance.

The right realtor makes buying Real Estate in Torrance, California a dream come true. Residential properties in Torrance, California are great places to start families or move a current family. The school system is on the top tier for California, and the development of Torrance continues as the population continues to grow.

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