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Wilmington, California has a long and storied past within the South Bay of California. Phineas Banning acquired what is known as Wilmington from Manuel Dominguez in order to build a harbor. Before that, Wilmington was part of a 1784 Spanish land deal known as Rancho San Pedro. Phineas Banning later renamed this part of Rancho San Pedro, Wilmington. The West Coast of America was not immune to the Civil War, and in 1861 Benjamin Wilson gave the Federal Government 60 acres of land in Wilmington, California. This land was used to help the war effort and protect the coastal city. Modern Wilmington combines with San Pedro to form one of the largest import/export centers in the world. As of the 2010 census, Wilmington has a population of 53,815 and growing. To the north is Carson, to the east is Long Beach, to the south is the Pacific Ocean and San Pedro, and to the West is Lomita and Harbor City.

Residential Real Estate in Wilmington, California has quick access to 110, 710, and 405 freeways. Pacific Coast Highway runs through the north part of Wilmington, and the Banning Museum can be located centrally in Wilmington.

Commercial Real Estate in Wilmington, California has quick access to the Wilmington, San Pedro, and Long Beach docks for import/export business and ocean based business. The freeway access enables for fast logistical operations and Wilmington, California has enough commercial real estate for whatever commercial requirements you might have.

Buying Real Estate in Wilmington, California is a great long term investment. Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Wilmington, California is sought after year round and the price fluctuates according to steady market values. If you are interested in buying Real Estate in Wilmington, California, contact the Real Estate Agents at Nordine.com for professional assistance.

Selling Real Estate in Wilmington, California can be beneficial when dealing with a real estate broker who understands the markets demand on property. Wilmington, California has its own special demand calendar and it is best to deal with a realtor who understands the advantages to selling real estate at the right time. The Realtors at Nordine.com are well aware of buy and sell cycles and will inform you of the best opportunities to sell.

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