Leo Nordine

Has Sold Over 5400 Properties


Tim Hahn


For more info on any of our properties, please contact Leo’s highly capable partners:

Tim Hahn:  310 809-5351 | tim@nordine.com

Molly Nordine:  310 962-3880 | molly@nordine.com


Tim and Molly represent buyers exclusively, and are experts in the REO process, REAP, etc.

Leo doesn’t like representing buyers on his own listings. He wants to get the highest price he can for his sellers, and likens representing both sides of a transaction to be the equivalent of a lawyer representing the plaintiff and the defendant in a lawsuit. We feel our sellers are better served if outside agents have as much chance of selling our listings as we do. We get multiple offers on most of our listings and outside agents play a critical role in our marketing.