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  For more info on any of our properties, please contact Leo's highly capable partners: Tim Hahn:  310 809-5351 | tim@nordine.com Molly Nordine:  310 962-3880 | molly@nordine.com   Tim and Molly represent buyers exclusively, and are experts in the REO process, REAP, etc. Leo doesn’t like representing buyers on his own listings. He wants to get the highest price he can for his sellers, and likens representing both sides of a transaction to be the equivalent of a lawyer representing the plaintiff and the defendant in a lawsuit. We feel our sellers are better served if outside agents have as much chance…Read more

Los Angeles home prices

Los Angeles is a known hotspot for luxury homes and expansive estates. Recent data from real estate data and analytics experts CoreLogic.com, reveal that LA homes are currently valued at around $ 715,000 – with prices to hit $800,000 by August 2016. The United States census reports that as of 2014, the median sales price of new homes in the country is $282,800 – making Los Angeles home prices almost three times as high. Home features The city’s median list price is estimated to be $575,000 as of February 2015. The median sale price, on the other hand, is at…Read more

Sell your home faster with a listing agent

Ready to sell your home? Whatever your reasons, there’s no doubt you want your property sold at the best price and the shortest waiting time possible. The good news is there are professionals trained to accomplish exactly those for you. Agents A real estate listing agent works exclusively for you, the seller. They evaluate the property you want to sell, compare it with current market conditions, and give you a ballpark range of your home’s value. You tell your agent the price range you’re comfortable with and then if you both come to an agreement, your agent will draw the…Read more

Costly home-selling mistakes

You never fully understand what it takes to sell a home until you actually have to sell one. It can be a very trying and emotional time, as your home holds memories you may not want to let go of. However, there are other challenges that will confront you, the home seller. A particularly difficult one is ensuring no additional expense is incurred in selling the house. Here are others: You refuse to hire a professional Statistics show that unrepresented properties have a weak presence in the market. They stay unsold for longer, making you second guess your every decision…Read more

When is the right time to sell your home?

There are many reasons why you might find yourself thinking of selling your home. Some people make the decision once the market looks good for sellers. Others do so out of necessity or expediency. Be reminded, however, that real estate is as fickle as the weather, and you need more than just wind direction to guide you to a sound decision. 5 signs that tell you it’s time Here are some crucial indicators you should go by before making that decision: You are out of debt and have emergency savings to last you several months. It’s important to check your…Read more

How to add value to your house before selling

Wondering about ways to make your listed home a dream house to prospective buyers? The best way to make that happen is to add value to your home. Here are 6 simple improvements you can work on: Create a bigger space Informed homebuyers now look for open floor plans. Before you show your home, make sure that potential buyers find the flow of your home natural and inviting. Enhance curb appeal A home for sale should look instantly appealing. Every detail counts: the yard and the front door say a lot about what’s inside. You can apply a fresh coat…Read more

Do you need an agent to sell your home?

There are two ways to sell your home: do it on your own, or enlist the help of an expert. You can do it yourself but the road to the final sale is fraught with technical and legal pitfalls. Because selling your home is a life-changing move, a one-shot deal that must be done right, it’s best to ask yourself the following questions: Are you prepared to do everything yourself? Can you handle convoluted property laws, and deal with industry tricks of the trade? Can you afford the time and money to take a crash course in real estate –…Read more

Tips for first-time home sellers

Here are some tips to make the sale of your house an occasion to celebrate, not mourn, a chapter of your life you leave behind as you move forward. Price it right As a first-time seller, one of the most important things to remember is to remain realistic especially when it comes to home prices. Why? This affects how your property is perceived by potential homebuyers who have a wealth of options online. Team up with professionals Realtors are experts for a reason – they have local market knowledge and the training and experience to sell your home as quickly…Read more

Understanding home appraisals

This quick guide explains how home appraisals arm you with entry-level skills to navigate the business the first time you have to buy or sell a house. All about estimates If you expect an exact appraisal figure of your property right off the bat, prepare to be disappointed. Home appraisals are based on estimates that are themselves determined by other factors arcane to the industry. But one factor that would be familiar to you is your home’s features, their current state, and how they compare with others in the area. Appraiser styles You can ask for a second opinion, but…Read more

Balancing act: Sell a home and buy one at the same time?

At first glance, it looks like a juggling act only a seasoned real estate agent can pull off. But all you really need to do is to manage this scenario is to plan and strategize. Sell your home first? The safest and most financially feasible route to take is to: Sell your property first Then, get your mortgage pre-approved and ready for your new home. THE UPSIDE: This is less risky for the simple reason that you know exactly how much money you have for your new home. THE DOWNSIDE: Of course, selling your home first means you’ll have to…Read more