Leo Nordine

Has Sold Over 5400 Properties

Why Us?

Nordine Realtors is a small real estate company with offices in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, founded by Leo Nordine in 1990 with the idea of truly putting the client first. Horrified by standard no-cancel 6 month listing agreements, Leo’s original plan was to charge less and offer 30 day listings, with the right to cancel anytime for any reason. It took off like a rocket, and hasn’t been modified in 28 years.

Leo takes 30 day listings, with the right to cancel anytime for any reason. This has been his standard policy since 1987.

With over 5500 personal sales, Leo is the #1 in sales among all Beach Cities, Palos Verdes, and greater South Bay agents.

Focus: Helping sellers get top dollar, with minimum hoopla, and as painless as possible.

Ethics: Perfect 31 year B.R.E record. Leo never double-ends deals.

Knowing how to market real estate is an art that many agents never really master. The importance of quality photos and intelligent property descriptions cannot be overstated. The idea is to make the property look great and sound like a great deal, without appearing to be trying too hard. Overly grandiose verbiage, exclamation points, etc. is counterproductive.

Having a lot of listings is an advantage. Every top agent has a lot of listings. More listings equals more buyers, more networking, and faster sales.

About Leo

Leo was born at County Hospital in East L.A. just after his parents emigrated here from Europe. His first home was a 19th Century apartment right next to the Harbor Freeway, where South Park is now. A father himself at 17, Leo began working near-full time as a senior in high school. College was never an option. In 1987 he got his real estate license, hoping to make enough money to support his wife and daughters. Upon seeing him and his Plymouth Duster, a few buyers didn’t want to work with him (one lady said “you’re not a realtor, you’re a kid!”). But he sold a house his first week, and was high as a kite. Over the next 90 days he worked with a sense of urgency, 12 hours a day, without a day off. He sold 72 houses his first year, more the next, and still more every year, until peaking at 323. Now the focus is doing quality work and living a balanced life. He still really loves his work. Clients still come first.