Leo Nordine

Has Sold Over 5400 Properties

Foreclosure Sales Specialist – Leo Nordine

South Bay real estate agent Leo Nordine specializes in selling foreclosed houses, and he sells a lot of them — as many as 300 a year. He doesn’t schmooze, he doesn’t stage, and he doesn’t wear shoes in the office. So how does he do it? Sales tips from the Surfing Realtor:
Pricing: “You’ve got to price it so it’s the best deal in town. There are 10 houses for sale for every buyer right now.”
Appraisals and comps — recently sold houses in your neighborhood — are

overrated. It doesn’t matter what houses were selling for a year ago or three months ago — the “solds.”
What matters is the “actives” — what’s for sale in the area right now, whether your house stands out, and how your price compares. “The ‘actives’ are cheaper than the ‘solds’ right now. Don’t even look at the ‘solds.'”
Clean House: “An empty house is the easiest house to sell. Staging is so stupid — it only makes sense on a multimillion-dollar house.
And cluttered houses just don’t sell in this market.” Get the Word Out: Don’t worry about reaching buyers — worry about reaching buyers’ agents. “Join a minimum of three or four MLS services.”
Don’t Be Shy: In your listing, find a lot of positive things to say about the house, and take lots of flattering photos. It makes a difference.