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Do you need an agent to sell your home?

There are two ways to sell your home: do it on your own, or enlist the help of an expert.

You can do it yourself but the road to the final sale is fraught with technical and legal pitfalls.

Because selling your home is a life-changing move, a one-shot deal that must be done right, it’s best to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you prepared to do everything yourself? Can you handle convoluted property laws, and deal with industry tricks of the trade?
  2. Can you afford the time and money to take a crash course in real estate – while your house sits idle and depreciating on the list?
  3. How are your negotiating skills? Even if you do negotiate like a pro and have a background in marketing, these alone do not guarantee a successful sale.

What agents bring to the table

One, you don’t have the network a real estate agent has. Two, things might get a little emotional; that property you’re selling has been your home after all.

Some buyer’s agents might not even take a second look at your property, on the assumption that sellers who cut so crucial a corner at expert help may be more trouble than they’re willing to gamble on.

Get with the program. A renowned and trusted real estate agent has local market expertise and up-to-date information on market trends that may help you get a better price for your home – and spare you the time and trouble of a DIY approach.

If you’re entirely clueless about real estate and the smaller yet significant processes involved in selling a property, then getting in touch with a Realtor is the best course of action.

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