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Selling your property checklist: how to prep your homefor sale

Ensuring that you get a respectable profit in the sale of your property requires a lot of preparation. Your property must be able to stand up to the scrutiny of prospective buyers and appear to be worth its asking price. To help you get started, here’s a simple checklist. Ask yourself the following questions:

Did I get a home inspection done?

This is the first priority on your checklist. With a home inspection you will know firsthand what needs to be repaired or replaced to make your property all the more desirable. No matter the age of your property, it will almost always have some issues that will require your attention. The earlier you address these, the better.

Did I declutter?

This is a common issue with homes that have been lived in for a while. Like most of us, you’ve probably accumulated several years’ and box-loads’ worth of knickknacks and personal effects. The best thing to do is to declutter– store and dispose of these items before you put your home up for sale. Your house needs to look comfortable and cozy, but not as if you’re still living in it. By removing your photographs, trophies, and the like, you are achieving just that.

How is the paint?The floor?

The condition of your floor and walls is an automatic giveaway as to how well maintained your property is. If you have the time and the resources, consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint and your floors a thorough scrub down. A house with clean walls and shiny floors is a definite deal closer.

How does the front lawn look?

First impressions are important and this definitely applies to real estate. If you have landscaping in front, make sure that it’s in its best possible shape. How your property looks from the outside will certainly affect a potential buyer’s decision, no matter how magazine-spread-worthy the interiors are.

Is the house ready for new occupants?

This is the perhaps the most important question to ask yourself. A potential buyer has her own checklist whenever she views a property and her checklist answers the question “Will I want to live here?”

If your property is still undergoing repairs, no matter how minor, if it still needs repairs, if you still have your stuff all over the place, etc., then it would be best to hold off putting it up on the market.