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City of Commerce was once part of the Rancho San Antonio Spanish land grant from the 19th century. Arcadia Bandini de Stearns Baker, one of the wealthiest women in Los Angeles, broke up the ranch around 1900. In the 1940s, industrial leaders banded together to encourage commerce between the communities of Bandini, Rosewood, and Laguna. This lead to the official formation of the City of Commerce. Residents of the City of Commerce benefit from civic services care of the Commerce Casino. Taxes are further boosted by the Citadel Outlets. City of Commerce, California is the water polo capital of the world thanks to Commerce Aquatics.

Real Estate in City of Commerce, California is located in the southeast part of Los Angeles. City of Commerce was considered as location for a future NFL stadium, but the bid was purely speculative due to City of Commerce’s geographical location. The population of City of Commerce is 12,823 according to the 2010 census and the area is 6.5 mi.² in size. City of Commerce, California is bordered by Monterey Park and Montebello to the north, Bell and Huntington Park to the west, Bell Gardens and Downey to the south, and Pico Rivera to the east. The 5 freeway crosses diagonally from northwest to southeast through the City of Commerce. The commercial opportunities the City of Commerce offers Los Angeles continue to evolve as new businesses take root within the city.

Commercial Real Estate in City of Commerce, California is a great place to start any business. Commerce offers all the amenities needed for almost any industry. The properties available are prime real estate for capitalizing on business in and around Los Angeles. Daily commuters on the 5 freeway pass through the City of Commerce to and from work and the Citadel Outlets provide a gateway for customers and clients of all shapes and sizes.

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