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Rolling Hills, California was developed by A.E. Hanson as a gated community with private roads available to only the wealthiest of individuals. Rolling Hills is the 21st richest place in the United States. The gated community sits atop the Palos Verdes Peninsula and only has gated entrances. Properties in Rolling Hills are required to maintain a white painted exterior and an area large enough for a horse. Rolling Hills has no traffic lights and horse paths are frequent throughout the city.

Real Estate in Rolling Hills, California includes the third highest median house value in the United States. Residential property in Rolling Hills, California is highly sought after and when listings are available, they do not last long. Property value in Rolling Hills, California retains its value when compared to the greater Los Angeles area. As of 2010, the population in Rolling Hills is 1,860 which is down from previous years. Rolling Hills is bordered by Rolling Hills Estates to the north and Rancho Palos Verdes to the east, south, and west.

Commercial Real Estate in Rolling Hills, California is few and far between. There are a few commercial properties available, but since Rolling Hills, California is a private, gated community, there is no need for commercial properties or development.

Buying Real Estate in Rolling Hills, California takes the right kind of realtor to understand the dynamic properties behind the gates. There are some of the most prestigious properties in the world located in Rolling Hills, California, and it takes more than just someone pulling up MLS listings to find the proper residential property. The Realtors at Nordine.com work with properties behind the gates and have intimate experience with the area.

Selling Real Estate in Rolling Hills, California is as easy as contacting the realtors at Nordine.com. It takes experience and knowledge to sell real estate in Rolling Hills, California. It takes hard work and determination to list a property from Rolling Hills, but Nordine.com has every aspect of the sale covered. Contact us today to get your property listed without a lock-in listing contract.

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